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Top Tips for Passing the Smog Test

Passing the smog test does not happen magically. There are things you have to do to increase the chances of your car passing the test. The most important of all is ensuring that your vehicle is always in good condition. Your car can easily pass the smog check if its systems are well-maintained and are in a proper working condition.
The essence of smog checks is to ensure that emissions from cars do not pollute the environment. They check whether emissions from your car are within the government’s accepted range. You can visit Smog Mart to get your car emissions checked. The following tips can help you bypass any deficiency your car’s emission systems can have.

Check Engine Light

Your car will not pass a smog test if the check engine light is on. You will have to take your vehicle to a qualified technician to ascertain why the light is on. Once they establish the problem causing the light to be on, they can fix them. If you fail to have the car diagnosed and the problem fixed, it will not be possible to register it thus you cannot drive it legally While some people may look for underhand ways to turn off the light so that they can do a smog check, chances are they will fail the test. The right approach is fixing the problem causing the light to be on but not to use shortcuts.

Search for a Station with Free Retest

You are not always sure that your car is going to pass a smog test. The good news is there are smog check stations that can allow you to do the test again if you fail on the first test. That way, you can fix a problem, if any, before doing the test for the second time.
Nowadays, several smog check stations offer a free retest in a bid to beat the competition and attract more customers. If you find one, then you can save money which you could have incurred in a retest.

Change You Oil Before the Test

If the oil in the car’s crankcase is contaminated or old, your vehicle will produce high emissions during the combustion process.This will lead to a smog test failure. Make sure you always change the engine oil before taking a smog test. You can ask the mechanic to check the engine for any broken or cracked hoses when changing the oil.

When taking your car to a smog test, make sure you tick every box on the tips to passing the test. If you factor in all the above tips, you are going to make it through your smog test easily.