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Which Size of Van to Choose According to Your Move?

Facing a move is already stressful enough to turn it into a much more chaotic episode. For this reason, you should prepare early and choose the right van for your move. You can make your move easier by getting a man & van in Bridgend. There are different van sizes you can choose for your move. This will largely depend on the items you plan to transport. The following are popular van sizes you can choose for your move.


medium vanIt has a cargo box of 1.14 m high, 1.10 m wide, and 1.60 m long. It is suitable for transporting small items such as suitcases, packing boxes, small furniture, or decorative items. It is the ideal vehicle for moving between rental flats furnished by the owner. As a general rule, large packages are not transported in this type of move.


It has a 1.40 m box high, 1.60 m wide, and 2.40 m long. This rental van will be suitable if, in addition to the small packages for domestic use mentioned above, you need to transport other furniture or objects such as a bed and its mattress, a couple of chairs, a table. Or a larger appliance such as a microwave oven or television. This van is the ideal size if you need to furnish a bedroom. It is best for those who move into an empty rental room, so they need three or four basic pieces of furniture.


The large 8 m3 van has the capacity for all of the above in addition to a sofa, two armchairs, and a dining table with its four chairs. It has measures of 1.74 m high, 1.76 m wide, and 2.94 m long.

moving vanYou can also reserve a large van of 12 m3, with measures of 1.80 m high, 1.60 m wide, and 3.25 m long to carry out this type of removal. With it, you will have the possibility of loading, in addition, the kitchen appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine, as well as some other bulky decoration element, such as paintings, lamps, coat racks, etc.

It is best if what you already need is to make a comprehensive move for a definitive change of address. Discovering what size van to choose according to the type of move is a very simple task, especially if you consider the kind of furniture you are going to move. Take your time to choose the best.…

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