A Review for Velvac Mirrors

Drivers can get the peace of mind needed while driving by installing high-quality and good towing mirrors onto their buses or trailers. Manufactures and designers of these mirrors mainly emphasis on styling, high-quality construction, and convenience features. They are well-designed to give the driver an unobstructed view of the rear when driving. This mirror can help you in seeing the entire length of your bus and the other vehicles behind you.

rear mirror

Truck and bus owners can get high-quality velvac mirrors by contacting reliable dealers. Learning how to adjust these mirrors is also helpful. These dealers can offer you the technical support needed when replacing and adjusting the bus rear view mirrors. For instance, they can assist you in replacing the glass, (re)-connecting the wiring and the mirror head.

Their Features

Vision systems and velvac mirrors have advanced features that give truck and bus drivers a wide rear view. These features include:

  • A fold-away mechanism that protects the mirrors
  • An effective anti-vibration dampening that provides stable, clear images
  • They are integrated with CMOS cameras that offer a wide field of view with supreme color, clarity and depth perception.

Mirror Adjustment

Drivers can adjust their towing mirrors by reading the replacement’s instructions for various parts. This is a straightforward task that can be done by most bus drivers. Adjustment of the rear view mirrors begins by positioning the glass mirrors equally on all the corners. Make sure that the mirror glass appears level when viewed sideways. Loosen the adjustment screw of the mirror head using a hex wrench.

The mirror head should be adjusted to an appropriate viewing position by rotating it while the driver is seated in his/her seat. The adjustment screws are tightened after setting up the mirror head in an approximate position. A control switch is used to give the glass mirror a fine adjustment. The mirror housing that encloses the glass is helpful in minimizing air turbulence between the glass and the mirror housing.

Top-Rated Velvac Rear Mirrors

2020 XG Mini-Lem Vision System

velvac mirror

In addition to its “swept back” design, this mirror has a stylized arm, base, and mirror head. It comes with a pivot system that allows it to fold back or forward upon impact and then return easily to its normal driving position. It also features an integrated camera system that provides an optimum field of view.

Vmax III Mirror System

This is another design of velvac mirror that offers a long-lasting, chrome, high-quality finish and mounting options. It comes with a fold-away feature for protecting the mirror and easing vehicle storage. It has an arm length that seamlessly integrates into the motorhome’s body giving it a high-end, clean look.…

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